For a long time I have not been able to access the google servers. When Google started offering the Google apps bundled with a domain, I fell for the offer. I had the servers configured and the apps running within minutes. But the meagre amount of 100MB space and inflexibility of the web page building process left me quite high and dry. So I went ahead and brought web space from Computing Host. Used the ever popular Fantastico script to install Drupal.

So I changed the name servers at the domain host (GoDaddy) from google servers to Computing Host servers. Drupal was up and I was on my way to configuring it. In this context the Drupal cookbook, which is listed in the Drupal website is a no-frills documentation of getting your feet wet with Drupal.

At this moment the mail, calendar and the docs became inaccessible. So what I did was create sub domains at the web host through cpanel. And had them redirect to the google servers. It seemed to work. I modified the earlier picture to one with the new logo.

However one major problem still persisted. I did not have a user sign up page for the google apps services. Secondly I am not sure if drupal and the mail service of google will be compatible. In other words users may have to sign up twice, one for the user id on the drupal site and another for the google servers. I am sure they will find it very annoying. So that issue will keep me preoccupied for the weekend!!

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